March 5, 2021, 11:38 p.m.

Server Capacity

Odyssey 57 / 3500 Open


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March 6, 2021, noon
March 7, 2021, 12:30 p.m.


Voyage Silkroad Online


Feb. 16, 2021, 5:39 a.m.

Voyage Second Grand Opening

Good evening guys. After much anticipation, we can now officially confirm that our next G.O. is going to be on 26/02 at 7pm GMT+1. We look forward to seeing you then! We apologise again for the inconvenience for the unsuccessful first G.O. This time around it will be better, so brace yourselves.

Concerning this second G.O. :

  • Accounts will be restored back to the way it was before G.O.
  • All characters will be wiped.
  • Any silk that you paid for will be refunded to your character.

Concerning the Server Info, a few changes have been made :

  • Skills SP requirement has been reduced by 25%.
  • Gold and Drop rates have been increased to 1.5X
  • Item mall prices have been reduced, and Silk per hour has been removed.
  • Fairy Dress has been added to Starting Items :)
  • Poweleveling has been disabled. There is a maximum gap of 6 in which you can invite players. Only the party-leader can invite. For example if party leader is level 74, he can only invite players of levels between lvl 68 and 80. LTPs will be excluded from the level limitation.

Have fun!

Today is the day !!

Everyone, be ready for VOYAGE GRAND OPENING !

The Grand Opening will occur at 19:00 GMT+1.

Concerning the Server info, a few things have been changed.

The starter items list has been updated :

  • Gold exp helper 1 day
  • Silver exp helper 1 day
  • 20 return scrolls
  • 10 reverse return scrolls
  • 5 Movement speed scrolls (50%)
  • 100 small MP/HP potions
  • 3-day pick pet

Concerning Silks items and Silk rewards.

  • It has been decided that item mall will be open at G.O.
  • Item mall prices have been multiplied by 2,5 to 3 times.
  • To match item mall prices, the Beta Silk rewards have been raised.
  • Leveling event rewards have been multiplied by 3. Lvl 80 = 660 silks. Lvl 70 = 450 silks. Lvl 60 = 300 silks. These rewards can be added at G.O..
  • Signature event rewards have been multiplied by 2 and is now 200 silks. These rewards will be given later since we need you to create an account first.
  • Silk price for donators is 1$ = 70 silks
  • Every player will earn 1 silk per hour in game. You can earn a maximum of 24 free silks per day.
  • Thus, we decided to not implement any silk reward for quests in game at this time.

Bon Voyage!

*NOTICE* Voyage Accounts

We Removed and cleared all website/game account information, You will have to make a new account via website.

All Login information/Website Accounts made from this point on will be able to be used when the server is launched in 4 days. All remaining silk will stay on your account. Our GMs will spawn (with restrictions) Silk items. You start off with Premium, Devil, Skill ticket, and other select mall items.

  • New Silk per hour system will be applied
  • Safe Zones Fixed, You can register for ctf now in all towns.
  • Zerk Disabled, Along with other restrictions are re-enabled.
  • Party Limit system Set and in-place.

There will be a client update Tomorrow. with few more things setup for testing these few things.

Voyage Beta phase 2 Event rewards


Thank you to those who participated in the leveling event, phase 2 of Voyage Beta. To claim your reward please reach out to us via Discord and send the following to the community managers in direct message :

  • A screenshot of your game screen including character name and character level
  • The character name that you will be using at Grand Opening.
  • If you are unsure about the name yet, please tell us as soon as possible. To be sure we don't miss out on anyone's reward, we ask you to create your character on G.O. day. If you can't play and create your character that day please inform us so we will make an exception and delay your reward until your return.

    For information, the rewards for the leveling event are as follows:

    • 100 Silks for lvl 60
    • 150 Silks for lvl 70
    • 220 Silks for lvl 80

Voyage Grand Opening announced

Hi everyone, first of all we want to thank you for your patience. As you already know open beta phase 3 will start very soon. This beta phase is to test the server stability. We want to guarantee a stable gaming environment from the very start! After phase 3, the moment everyone has been waiting for has come. The GRAND OPENING!

The Grand Opening is planned on the 20th of February on 19:00 GMT+1.

Again, we want to thank you for your patience!

Bon Voyage!

Voyage Beta Phase 2 OPEN on 30/01/2021

Phase 2 of Voyage BETA for PVE is now open.

It has been decided with a poll that the rates for this PVE phase will be 15X.

As a thanks for everyone's help with the PVP testing and for being patient with us, we will offer a reward upon reaching certain levels in BETA phase 2 :

  • 100 Silks for lvl 60
  • 150 Silks for lvl 70
  • 220 Silks for lvl 80

Rewards are NOT cumulable ! (meaning lvl 80 will receive 220 Silks and not 100 + 150 + 220). They will be given to your main account at G.O. Please send a screenshot of your character to me + your character name at G.O. to claim your reward. Good luck everyone !

New Balance changes


New skill changes have been implemented into the game for balancing. These changes have been made thanks to observations from our Beta PVP Phase 1 tests. We would like to thank everyone who helped us carry out these tests.

You can see a detailed list of our skill changes here.

Facebook page is now live

Our Facebook page is now live ! Follow us at Voyage Facebook.

Voyage Beta OPEN on 08/01/2021 7:00pm GMT+1

Our Developer GasMon and [GM]Fire are working on making skill-balance edits and other changes in the server to give you a smoother experience.

  • Advertisement on Elitepvpers will be posted on Wed. 06/01/2021
  • Website is now available for player Account registration. Please remember to set a game password to register your newly created account on server database.
  • Client will be available for download from Wed. 06/01/2021 until Beta opening.
  • Grand Opening will occur 1 to 2 weeks after Beta opening, depending on how long Beta will take.

Voyage Beta aims to test out both PvE and PvP aspects of the game in 2 separate phases. The duration of each phase will depend on the amount of testing needed. We want to make it to the Grand Opening as soon as possible, however we will make sure to not rush the Beta. This will help us detect eventual problems with the server in order to fix them before Grand Opening.

  • PvP phase 1 : Start at max lvl and explore end-game content with our skill-balance edits to perfect them, jobbing, and features like BA/CTF/FGW.
  • PvE phase 2 : Start at lvl 1 with 40X rates to allow a quick exploration of all maps and some features such as party level restriction and party-buffing.

We encourage all players to reach out to us on Discord via channels #bug-report to point out any problems you find in the Beta. Suggestions are welcome in #suggestions channel and will be reviewed, though it is upon the Staff's decision to validate these suggestions or not. For discussing other matters and concerns, you are welcome to use our #ticket system to have open a temporary private conversation with the staff members.

We are hoping to see many of you at Beta opening to help us perfect this experience !

Who are we?

You ever love a game so much that you start developing for it? We are a group of veteran players who have played Silkroad Online for years and lived through almost every phase and cap of it. As iSRO died for us, our experience in many private servers has helped us bring about all the ingredients needed for a complete and nostalgic experience of this game we all have missed so much.

  • Gasmon (English) : Developer
  • [GM]Fire (Netherlands, English) : Co-developer and Project Lead
  • [GM]Water (Netherlands, English) : Community Manager
  • [GM]Earth (French, English) : Discord Administrator
  • As you can see, we are from different countries. You may reach out to either of the GMs if you wish to discuss in French or Netherlands. For others, we will use English as the main language.

Server Rates

  • IP/HWID limit : 2
  • Starting cap : 80 (progressive)
  • CH/EU
  • EXP rate solo 1x (increased after lvl 40)
  • EXP rate party 1x (increased after lvl 40)
  • Skill SP requirement -25%
  • Quest rate 1x
  • Drop rate 1,5x
  • Gold drop rate 1,5x
  • SoX drop rate 1,5x
  • Alchemy rate iSRO-based
  • Botting : Not allowed
  • Party monsters: Enabled (>=3 players)
  • Guild limit: 25
  • Union limit: 2 (union chat = guild limit)
  •